The Tides of Time - Book 1 by Bradley Haynes

The Tides of Time engages mind and body, with its time bending tangled narrative and beautiful and visual imagery of the landscape, located in an English, un-commercialised, seaside town. The two central characters Anna and Jo meet at dawn on a coastal cliff path, after a sonic boom had woken them both from sleep. This 'bang' ricochets and has a ripple effect, not only on these two women, but also the other main characters that witness their 'meeting' and become drawn into their worlds. The Tides of Time vacillates between several story lines - all uniquely intertwined by Anna and Jo's exploration to find happiness and identity. This is the first of a series of books, each following on and enriching the reader with depth and understanding of these people and the extraordinary impact they have on each other. The repercussions of the 'bang' in these peoples lives is significant and fundamentally changes their own journey, as each individual experiences the turning tide within themselves.