The Thirties: A Reconsideration in the Light of the American Political Tradition

This is a timeless collection of political commentary providing insight into today's economic troubles. We are pleased to bring back into print The Thirties , originally published in 1968 as NIU Press' third book. With contributions from some of the 20th century's most notable political thinkers, historians, and cultural commentators, this remarkable volume has withstood the test of time. Original pieces from authors as varied as Irving Kristol, Howard Zinn, Upton Sinclair, and members of Roosevelt's brain trust offer a diversity of thought from across the political spectrum. With the country's current economic troubles, this volume's multifaceted take on the Great Depression and New Deal has never been timelier. This volume of essays - presented at Claremont Men's College in 1965 - will appeal to any scholar trying to understand the parallels between today and another tumultuous decade in 20th-century American history.