The Thirteenth International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors - LTD 13

These proceedings are broadly of interest to many research areas which utilize low temperature detectors for measurements. These include photon sciences at synchrotron radiation facilities, neutrino physics, nuclear physics, atomic physics, dark matter searches, sub-Kelvin cryogenic refrigeration systems, novel detectors or astrophysics from millimeter wave bolometers, to single photon energy and time resolving from near-infrared to ultraviolet optical detectors, through the highest spectral resolution x-ray and gamma ray detectors, to large mass detectors for dark matter searches. These applications include particle physics, astrophysics, materials physics, and security non-proliferation, and cryogenic engineering. This thoroughly peer-reviewed proceedings of the Thirteenth International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors provides a snapshot of the state-of-the-art in low temperature particle and radiation detectors. In 173 original research papers from 233 distinct presentations, the physics and applications of this extremely high performance type of detectors is described in detail, including their application to such diverse fields as astrophysics at all wavelengths from the submillimeter to gamma-ray, dark matter searches, neutrino astrophysics, atomic physics, nuclear physics, biophysics, and materials science.