Tenth Muse: An Anthology

The Tenth Muse gathers together the selections of work of well known poets made by members of their family. These selections originally appeared in pamphlets produced by the Greville Press, and have been gathered together here for the first time. The following is a list of some of the poets and their selectors: George Barker selected by Elspeth Barker; Thomas Blackburn selected by Julia Blackburn; Lawrence Durrell selected by Francoise Kestman Durrell; David Gascoyne selected by Judy Gascoyne; W.S. Graham selected by Nessie Dunsmuir; Robert Graves selected by Beryl Graves; Harold Pinter selected by Antonia Fraser; Ann Ridler selected by Vivian Ridler; C.H. Sisson selected by Nora Sisson; Elizabeth Smart selected by Sebastian Barker; Edward Thomas selected by Myfanwy Thomas; David Wright selected by Oonagh Swift.