The Telecommunications Survival Guide: Understanding and Applying Telecommunications Technologies to Save Money and Develop New Business

Based on one of the field's leading training courses, this book will help any telecom professional understand all of today's most important new technologies -- and how those technologies can be transformed into profitable product and service offerings. Telecommunications Survival Guide carries readers from theory to standards, technology through real-world product and service offerings. Coverage includes data and voice, LANs and WANs, wired and wireless, and every leading option for high-speed Internet access, including xDSL, cable modems, LMDS, satellite Internet services, power line-based systems, ISDN, and more. In straightforward, easy-to-follow language, author Pete Moulton demonstrates how computer and telecommunications technologies are converging, the best opportunities to use (and market) them for profit in global and enterprise networks; and the trends most likely to drive telecommunications over the next five years. The book makes extensive use of classroom-proven pictures and diagrams, and each chapter includes review questions and answers. For all telecommunications professionals (sales, marketing, managers, and support staff) that manage, sell, design, administer, or maintain telecommunications networks.