The Teacher of the 21st Century: Quality Education for Quality Teaching

The Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) is a non-profit European organisation, aimed at enhancing the quality of Teacher Education in Europe, and supporting the professional development of teachers and teacher educators at all levels. The ATEE Spring conference takes place every other year and is organized by the University of Latvia. The Spring conference in 2013 was the sixth such conference. The contents of this book contain the best articles written by participants at the 2013 conference, and present the exchange of ideas between European teacher educators, in addition to experiences, research and ideas from outside Europe. European experience, knowledge and research support the general enhancement of the quality of teacher education throughout the world. As such, this book stimulates dialogue between teacher educators, researchers on teacher education, students, teachers, employers, politicians, supervisory bodies, NGOs and other groups involved in teacher education and research, and innovation in teacher education.