The Superhero's Guide to Saving the World

A laugh-out-loud guide to being a superhero, the next in a series of aspirational tales that mix fact and fiction with a dash of real science. Professor Krypton is the guru, the sempai, the omega, the really old egg-headed dude who smirks enigmatically and tells you you're lame when you enroll at the Superhero Academy. But now you can get the inside track! This is his personal guide to training and on-the-job experience as a super superhero with super superpowers (and homemade costume). Using the academy syllabus, reminiscences of his youth as Cryptoman, and assistance from such stars as Heroman, Bucketwoman, Flyboy, Powergirl and Invisibleperson (gender unstated - a nightmare for instructors obsessed with getting everyone to use the right toilets), Prof K gives you the lowdown on how to succeed, even if your mother sewed your cape and your real name is Quentin. With a twist of real science behind the superpowers and superexploits in every chapter, The Superhero's Guide is laugh-out-loud funny for kids and a win with parents as well.