The Sun Two-speed Crossword Book 2

The second volume in this brand-new series of The Sun two-speed crossword books, featuring 80 two-in-one cryptic and coffee time crosswords from Britain's bestselling newspaper. The Sun is Britain's bestselling newspaper, with over 4 million copies sold every day. This makes The Sun Two-speed Crossword Britain's bestselling crossword puzzle. The Sun Two-speed Crossword Book 2 is the second collection of 80 puzzles, featuring cryptic and coffee time - or general-knowledge - clues for each. The twist is that both types of clue lead to the same solution. Clearly laid out with both sets of clues adjacent to the grid across a double-page spread, and all the solutions at the back of the book, The Sun Crossword Book 2 will appeal to those wanting a fun and informative break from office or home chores, or a more stimulating intellectual challenge.