The Success Factor: Master the Secret of a Winning Mindset

Do you know what it takes to be truly successful? Are you doing everything you can to get there? In this inspirational book John Leach shares, for the first time, the 100 key ways to achieve success on a daily basis. Something everyone can learn to harness potential and achieve a winning mindset. Perfect as a gift for anyone who is interested in improving their personal and working life, this book is to be dipped in and out of as you need it. It identifies 100 personality traits essential for success, showing you: How to use your passion to achieve your goals more quickly; Why mental toughness is so important and how to get it; Ways to give yourself an edge; That sticking with your values is more vital than you think; The amazing rewards of going the extra mile. Based on real-world experience, whether you are climbing the career ladder, want to achieve more in your job, or in other aspects of your life, using The Success Factor will move you from good to outstanding.