The Story Thus Far / Was bisher geschah

Paperback / softback
Getting Things Done 3 deals with the development of the building culture in Vorarlberg between 1950 and 2000. The expose focuses on key issues and the accounts of witnesses, including references to events relevant to the cultural history of the region. The writer highlights relationships and developments that create interest in social interactions and the evolution of ideas. Beyond the idea of an implicit metaphor of widely spread family histories , the heterogeneous nature of Vorarlberg architecture is profiled. It can be described on the basis of the generations of designers, planners and actors, of the differences and continuity of motives and of the constantly changing construction methods and work environments. Another important issue is the perfected subversion: as a result of the usually strong objections experienced in practical application and the opposing forces, which have been painstakingly and thoroughly profiled, it has time and again proved itself as a reliable factor.