The Story of an African Farm

The Story of an African Farm is Olive Schreiner’s landmark novel, set in the rural Karoo towards the end of the last century. The story was originally published in 1883 under the pseudonym Ralph Iron. When it was later revealed that the author was a woman, the news was received by many Victorian readers, who were shocked by the forthright feminism and negative comment on the social structures that formed the basis of their colonial society.Olive Schreiner proved to be a woman of vision and an author of skill. She evokes the bleakness and beauty of the farm in the Karoo, which she uses as the backdrop of the stories of Lyndall and Walso – unlikely soul mates whose lives reflect their frustrated quest for a better reality and their dreams of self-fulfilment. Schreiner’s radical views on marriage, class distinction and religion remain relevant to this day and The Story of an African Farm maintains an important place in South Africa literature. This edition contains an informative introduction by Cherry Clayton.