The Stop Bullying Pocketbook

Bullying - Repeated intimidation intentionally carried out by a more powerful person or group in order to cause physical and/or emotional hurt . It happens in every type of school and in all classes and cultures; it's a problem for thousands of children and it's the reason several young people a year commit suicide. The Stop Bullying Pocketbook is about what to do to prevent and stop bullying in schools. Aimed at teachers in primary and secondary schools in the UK, this extensively illustrated book is equally relevant to those working overseas. It is full of practical suggestions for both teachers and students. For teachers there are in-service training exercises; advice to give parents; practical tips about creating an environment that deters bullies; what to say to bullies and victims and an action plan for creating a bully-free school. A range of awareness-raising ideas for pupils can be readily incorporated into teaching plans, while authoritative chapters on what is known about bullying and on understanding bullies and victims place everything in context. Though firmly advocating adult intervention, the book is equally clear that children and young people need strategies they can use themselves. Numerous ideas and exercises are provided for use with pupils to help them avoid or deflect bullying. These include showing them how to communicate differently; how to say (and shout) no; how to 'fog' insults; how to express anger and how to make friends. There are also several simple but effective ideas for interactive work exploring bullying through drama, poetry, story and discussion. The Stop Bullying Pocketbook is part of the Teachers' Pocketbooks Series, an imprint of Management Pocketbooks Ltd and winners of the 2005 Education Resources Awards. The concise, practical guides are written by experienced teachers and packed with information, advice, ideas and strategies for primary and secondary teachers.