The Son of Eternity

Paperback / softback
This collection is compelling, passionate, and full of philosophical and poetic discourse, soul searching in the cosmosian theatre of life in the infinite universe. Mayenin lives the modern life and drinks its freely offered hemlock yet comes out with something that makes him claim that he has achieved amomentas eternitya, and even though the twenty-first century has not brought in respite for minds and souls, there are still human hearts which can demand and claim to be sons of eternity. The Son of Eternity is romantic yet tragic in the heartfelt heartaches of modern life and it has a universal sparkle of life and humanity to which Mayenin roots himself deeply with deep-hearted conviction and passion. It is a collection that is nothing but a poetic declaration of a poet, who claims to be a citizen of the mother universe to which the beautiful blue planet is the beating heart.