The Sheep Farming Guide: For Small and Not-so-small Flocks

It is easy to farm sheep, but it is not easy to farm them well. The Sheep Farming Guide is a book written for farmers of small and not-so-small flocks who are keen to farm their sheep properly and make them pay their way. The text is comprehensive, covering everything from establishing a flock, what records to keep and all aspects of routine husbandry, to managing diseases and preparing sheep for the works. The information is authoritative: both authors have many years' experience in sheep husbandry, excellent communication skills and are well-respected by their peers. To make it easy for busy farmers to access the information, it is presented in a style that is easy to follow, bullet-pointed and well indexed. John Gordon says I have worked with sheep for much of my life yet I learnt a tremendous amount from reading this book. The Sheep Farming Guide is an invaluable pocket book for the sheep farmer.