The Second Half: More Funny Stories in Rugby League

In the follow up to his first successful book of humorous anecdotes, Play with a Smile , former Great Britain coach, Maurice Bamford, has penned a new series of funny stories from the world of rugby league in The Second Half . Encapsulating the grit and toughness combined with the down to earth humour that has existed in the game from its earliest days, The Second Half features many famous players, and a number not so famous, but all sharing the trait of being characters who could laugh at themselves in one of the hardest games in the world. Players such as Jim Mills, Barrie McDermott, Fran Cotton, Shaun Edwards and Eddie Cunningham, plus a few supporting personalities from the past, including Billy Watts, the Leeds timekeeper, Workington Chairman, Tom Mitchell and journalist Keith Macklin are featured. All contribute to the humour with tales such as: The Fearless Russian Bear from Vladivostok, A Prop in Love, Can You Trust the Referee? and Never Mind the Hooter, Play On. Stories portraying quirks of the sport that are guaranteed to make you smile!