The Search for Peace in Vietnam, 1964-1968

The Vietnam War was remarkable for the number of unsuccessful initiatives to end it through negotiation and the active involvement of noncombatant nations seeking peace. The analyses and conclusions gathered in this volume focus on the domestic and international sources of such efforts, as well as the relationship of these attempts to the Cold War. On the domestic front, contributors look at peace initiatives from the Johnson Administration and consider the place of larger American diplomatic philosophies in shaping the U.S. options. On the international front, scholars examine the role of Canada, France, Japan, India, China, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union in proposing, furthering, or blocking negotiations. F inally, they consider the positions of the Vietnamese themselves. Although unsuccessful in ending the conflict, these efforts were important in shaping both U.S. politics and the international relations that prevailed in later years. The Search for Peace in Vietnam, 1964-1968 offers new perspectives on a conflict that, arguably, continues to shape the American presence in the world.