The Science of Environmental Pollution

Hailed on its first publication as a masterly addition to its companion volumes The Science of Water and The Science of Air, The Science of Environmental Pollution, Second Edition successfully completes the process of bringing this series into the twenty-first century. This new edition continues to ask the same questions about environmental pollution: What is it? What is its impact? What are the causes and how can we mitigate them? But more than this, the second edition stimulates new ways to think about the issues and their possible solutions. Simply put, studying pollution without science is analogous to attempting to cook without being able to read a recipe, measure ingredients correctly, or monitor the progress of that which is cooking. Conversely, studying pollution through science affords the opportunity to maintain a healthful, life-sustaining environment. This second edition of a bestseller presents common-sense approaches and practical examples based on scientific principles, models, and observations, but keeps the text lively and understandable to scientists and non-scientists alike. The Second Edition contains: * Completely revised and updated information in every chapter * New material on pharmaceuticals in water * New material on water scarcity Environmental issues continue to attract attention at all levels. Some sources say that pollution is the direct cause of climate change; others deny that the possibility even exists. This text sorts through the hyperbole, providing concepts and guidelines that not only aid in understanding the issues, but equip you with the scientific rationale required to make informed decisions.