The Scared and the Doomed: The Jewish Establishment vs. the Six Million

This is not only an important work on a painful and hidden chapter of Jewish history, it is also surprisingly prophetic. During World War 2, M J Nurenberger had a front row seat to what he called the Jewish Civil War. This war was a fierce struggle between the pseudo-Zionist establishment in North America and the Irgun underground in what was then Eretz Israel and their delegations in Washington and New York. This Jewish Civil War, according to M J Nurenberger, was the primary cause for the paralysis of organised and established American Jewry when Jews world-wide began to face the greatest challenge and ultimate tragedy of Jewish history -- Hitlers war against the Six Million and their eventual extermination. Based upon exhaustive research in numerous archives, first-hand eye-witness accounts, and interviews with numerous participants, this book exposes the various events, the internal conflicts and bold initiatives which took place in the relations between the US State Department, the Jewish Establishment and the Irgun. It also includes detailed and careful analyses of the Sternbuch Saga and the Musy Mission to Himmler, both of which were pivotal in sealing the fate of European Jewry.