The Scallywag Solution

The Scallywag adventures take young readers on trips through time, illustrating an exciting high-flying adventure story that also lets the reader explore and learn about the mysteries of history. Where did the original Jolly Roger flag come from? Why does the Tower of Pisa lean? How did the Sphinx lose its nose? Who was the real Mona Lisa? The wild and thrilling escapades of the Scallywags will help readers find the answers. The Scallywag Solution is the first of many adventures to come from the Scallywag gang. In this first adventure, the Scallywags face down the most terrible crew of cutthroats on all the seven seasBlackbeard, Redbeard, Greybeard, and their little sister Goldiebeard! Only the King of all the Pirate Ghosts, Davy Jones in his dreaded locker at the bottom of the sea, frightens these scurvy dogs! But by the time the bumbling Scallywags are done with them, that may be where theyre headed ...In The Scallywag Solution, readers learn the origins of the important historical images and myths of pirates and the high seas . Told through Newlands spectacular and wondrous illustrations, readers will find out how even the most under of underdogs can become real heroes in the face of true danger!