The Salvage Sisters : A Guide to Finding Style in the Street and the Attic

Join intrepid hunters and gatherers Kathleen Hackett and Mary Ann Young in this step-by-step illustrated guide as they travel the country-down alleyways and side streets, to flea markets and yard sales, through the local garden store and their own closets- and learn how to transform a battered curb side couch into a fabulous and functional piece of furniture; raise discarded Sunday comics into an art form; customize a cookie-cutter set of drawers into an instant heirloom. The Salvage Sisters show how to cleverly incorporate the tired but treasured family china, torn lamp-shades, and everything else tucked away in the attic into our modern life. The simplest utilitarian objects-a plant stand, some nautical rope, an old pair of jeans- are all ingeniously reinvented in these real-life sisters' hands. Dozens of resourceful projects - ranging from a two-second slipcover or ten-minute chandelier or frumpy mirror facelift to a dapper dog sweater and soigne table skirt - plus helpful tips, alternative project ideas, and more than 125 detailed colour photographs, make this a book for anyone yearning to inject beauty and whimsy into his or her life, Salvage Sister style.