The Saddle Club: Horse Play & Horse Show

Horse Play: The Saddle Club would do anything to help a friend in need. And now it looks as if they're going to get their chance when Stevie overhears a disturbing conversation between Max, Pine Hollow's owner, and a mysterious caller. Is their riding instructor really in serious financial trouble? Determined to help, the Saddle Club is soon drumming up new business and arranging a riding demonstration - starring themselves! Horse Show: Stevie, Carole and Lisa are thrilled when they get the chance to attend the American Horse Show in New York City, and are invited backstage. Lisa finds herself coming to the rescue of an inexperienced rider - who turns out to be their all-time favourite teen heart-throb, Skye Ransom! Skye is practising for a scene in his new movie where he has to ride a horse ...and he's terrified. Can the Saddle Club teach him to ride before the cameras start rolling?