The Riding Aids: Basic Terms of Harmonious Communication Between Rider and Horse

The riding aids are the medium through which the rider's wishes and commands must be expressed - movements of the hands, arms, legs and seat that are communicated to the horse through the reins and points of contact between the rider's legs and the horse's body. The author explains the elementary terms of the riding aids in easily understood terms, starting with the relaxed, balanced seat which forms the basis of all riding: - The rider's aids - The aids in movement - Additional aids - The rider's feelings - Transition - Natural aids using the weight of the body as well as legs and hands are initially explained individually, then shown, step-by-step, in practical co-ordination: - How do I bring my horse to a halt? - How do I change from trot to walk? - From walk to canter? - * Of particular interest to anyone involved in dressage, but more widely to all riders who wish to maintain a close understanding with their horse. * Illustrated in full colour throughout with clear step-by-step photographs.