The Rhythm of Life

Paperback / softback
THE RHYTHM OF LIFE is a collection of inspirational poetry written through the inner language of the heart, captivating ones spiritual core. The fullness of modern society is explored through diverse challenges and emotions of life, which normally exist in the realm of the human world. Lifes journey determines the depth of knowing and believing in oneself, even with or without support and encouragement of friends and loved ones. Unique to our world, we learn to endure and enjoy many an occasion, so developing heartfelt understanding of our true emotion. THE RHYTHM OF LIFE offers everyone inspiration, guidance, heartwarming encouragement, assurance of hope, comfort and strength along any chosen path. Learn to appreciate, without losing touch with reality, that a positive and optimistic approach enables everyone who is focused and in control of their emotions to realize that hopes and dreams are truly attainable and problems not insurmountable.