The Respiratory System

Beginning with a discussion of the various components of the respiratory system, this volume of the Encyclopedia of the Human Body discusses the functions of each organ and how they work together to allow us to breathe. Respiration is discussed both externally (breathing) and internally at the cellular level. The cardiovascular, nervous, and muscular systems are discussed in relation to the respiratory system. The history of the research on the respiratory system is presented and the future of research in this field is considered. Current controversies and dilemmas of scientists performing this research are explored. Respiratory system disorders, symptoms and treatments are explored, including hay fever, the common cold, and acute respiratory distress syndrome. This reference concludes with a fact sheet about the respiratory system, a comprehensive glossary, and resources for further information including Web sites and contact information for organizations and national health institutions. The Encyclopedia of the Human Body provides a complete, comprehensive reference source for students interested in the human body. Each book in this ten-volume set introduces and describes a specific body system, including the parts and function of each system, the history of discovery, related diseases and treatments, as well as future advances in research. Detailed illustrations and diagrams, including an eight-page color insert, provide a visual reference for written material.