The Ration Book Diet

Paperback / softback
During the dark days of the Second World War, the wartime diet's low fat, high fibre and sensibly sized portions meant that the British population enjoyed a level of health and fitness that has never been matched since. Using the wartime diet as a model, The Ration Book Diet presents sixty recipes specially created to enable you and your family to eat more healthily. Some are taken straight from Second World War cookery books, with only minor adjustments to suit the 21st century palate. For the most part, however, new dishes have been created using the same range of rationed ingredients available during the war. Created by a cookery specialist and checked by a dietician, these original recipes and variations have been combined to produce a weekly meal plan for all the family, plus recipes for treats and special occasions and some helpful advice on what to do with leftovers. In addition, a series of physical fitness routines have been drawn and adapted from wartime sources.