The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya: The Novel

The popular Haruhi Suzumiya series returns with another collection of surprising and quirky short stories that help establish where the stories take place in the timeline. Endless Eight: The SOS Brigade are having a great time during the last two weeks of summer. Such a great time that Haruhi won't let it end, and the members of the SOS Brigade realize that Haruhi wishes have caused their summer to loop back 15,498 times! The Day of Sagittarius: The computer club challenges the SOS Brigade to a videogame tournament. Kyon begs the club to set aside their super powers in order to compete fairly but when they discover that the Computer Society is cheating, Yuki steps up to level the playing field. Snowy Mountain Syndrome: While skiing, the SOS Brigade are trapped by a mysterious blizzard, and take refuge in a deserted mansion. Yuki suddenly loses her powers, but Itsuki swears that Haruhi is not behind this. The SOS Brigade discover they have a mysterious nemesis who is out to take down the club.