The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child: Volume 50

Clifford Yorke, Freud's Psychology: Can It Survive? Per R. Anthi, Resistance Analysis and Psychic Reality Judith Guss Teicholz, Loewald's Positive Neutrality and the Affirmative Potential of Pyschoanalytic Interventions Development John B. McDevitt, A Childhood Gender Identity Disorder: Analysis, Preoedipal Determinants, and Therapy in Adolescence Helen R. Beiser, A Follow-up of Child Analysis: The Analyst as a Real Person Theodore J. Gaensbauer, Trauma in the Preverbal Period: Symptoms, Memories, and Developmental Impact Pini Rabenu and Tamar G. Rabenu, The Role of Free Movement in Separation-Individuation: A Study of Paralysis Clinical Contributions Sarah Atkinson and Glen O. Gabbard, Erotic Transference in the Male Adolescent-Female Analyst Dyad E. Kirsten Dahl, Daughters and Mothers: Aspects of the Representational World During Adolescence Julia Fabricius and Viviane Green, Termination in Child Analysis: A Child- Led Process? Audrey Gavshon, The Analysis of an Overstimulated Child Marianne Goldberger, Enactment and Play Following Medical Trauma: An Analytic Case Study Erwin R. Parson, Post-Traumatic Stress and Coping in an Inner-City Child: Traumatogenetic Witnessing of Interparental Violence and Murder Shirley C. Samuels, Helping Foster Children to Mourn Past Relationships Jessica Valner and Marc Nemiroff, Silent Eulogy: Elective Mutism in a Six-Year-Old Hispanic Girl Applied Psychoanalysis Anne Adelman, Traumatic Memory and the Intergenerational Transmission of Holocaust Narratives Shuli Barzilai, Models of Reflexive Recognition: Wallon's Origines du caractere and Lacan's Mirror Stage Jules Glenn, The Child Is Father of the Man: Wordsworth's Ode: Intimations of Immortality and His Secret Sharers William D. Jeffrey, Lazarus Stand Forth : H.D. Encounters Freud Mortimer Ostow, The Examination Dream Revisited: A Clinical Note