The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child: Volume 44

Volume 44 of this distinguished annual includes articles dealing with psychoanalytic theory and development as well as essays in honor of Hans W. Loewald and Samuel Ritvo. Articles by: Peter Blos, Leo Rangell, Samuel Abrams, Shlomith Cohen, Jules Glenn, Kyle D. Pruett, Anne-Marie Sandler, Johan Norman, William Sledge, Jose A. Valeros, Rosemary H. Balsam, T. Wayne Downey, Nathaniel Laor, Stanley A. Leavy, Vann Spruiell, E. Kirsten Dahl, Moses Laufer, Steven Luria Ablon, Richard Almond, Eugene J. Mahon, Peter L. Rudnytsky, Ellen Handler Spitz, Lenore C. Terr, and Elisabeth Young-Bruehl.