The Prophets Speak on Forced Migrations: Exile in Major and Minor Cadence

The Prophets Speak on Forced Migrations addresses the critical question of what literary features and makers constitute an exilic prophetic text. By contributing to the ongoing research on prophetic literature germinating from the 6th century BCE, this volume provides a much needed study on broad and narrow definitions. As a reference point, the volume provides a working framework for common issues and concerns of the exile forced migrations period that asserted on its confluence on prophetic texts. The collection advances the field by broadly (re)framing exilic prophetic text in light of the Society of Biblical Literature's Exile (Forced Migrations) in Biblical Literature. This work is a reference volume for scholars and advanced students working on the impact of the exile of the southern kingdom of Judah (or for that matter, those that remained in the land) on Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Second Isaiah, and minor prophets, authored by North American, European and Israeli scholars. >