The Prokaryotes: A Handbook on the Biology of Bacteria: Ecophysiology, Isolation, Identification, Applications

The second, expanded edition of The Prokaryotes has been extensively rewritten and restructured to reflect the many advances that have occurred in bacteriology during the past decade. Well over 250 eminent, internationally recognized scientists have served as authors for its more than 220 chapters. The new subtitle, A Handbook on the Biology of Bacteria - Ecophysiology, Isolation, Identification, Applications reflects increasing awareness of the role played by prokaryotes in the environment and in biotechnological applications. Every effort has been exerted to provide a comprehensive survey of all bacterial genera for which adequate data are available. The Prokaryotes, Second Edition is divided into six parts. The first two parts consist of introductory essays and overview chapters that discuss the classical attributes and characteristics of bacteria, such as phylogeny, diversity, ecology, isolation, identification, life cycle, pathogenicity, growth, metabolism and physiology. The third and fourth sections contain chapters covering phylogenetically related genera, families, and higher taxa, thus providing a unique and novel perspective on systematic microbiology. Part V deals with symbiotic relationships and Part VI covers those genera that have not yet been phylogenetically placed. The Prokaryotes, Second Edition, will undoubtedly become a prime reference source for all biologists interested in theoretical and applied microbiology, microbial ecology, and microbial genetics.