The Project Management Coaching Workbook: Six Steps to Unleashing Your Potential

Take These Six Steps to Reach Your Project Management and Leadership Goals!Starting with an insightful self-assessment, The Project Management Coaching Workbook: Six Steps to Unleashing Your Potential offers tools, questions, reviews, guiding practices, and exercises that will help you build your roadmap to project management and leadership success. Based on her experience as a coach and mentor, Susanne Madsen offers a proven six-step method designed to help you understand and articulate what you want to achieve—and then assist you in achieving those goals. This workbook will help project managers at any level overcome some of the most common challenges they face by: Effectively managing a demanding workloadLeading and motivating a teamBuilding effective relationships with senior stakeholdersManaging risks, issues, and changes to scopeDelegating effectivelyStrengthening these fundamental competencies will enable you to generate real results and excel as a project manager. Whether used as a personal guide or in a workshop or group setting, The Project Management Coaching Workbook outlines a sound, proven plan to help you build confidence and achieve your project management goals. Contents Introduction • Step 1: What Do You Want to Achieve? Create Your Vision and Mission Statement • Step 2: Self-Assessment: Create a Benchmark of Your Current Skill Set • Step 3: 360° Feedback: Seek Feedback from Managers, Peers, and Customers • Step 4: Action: Create an Action Plan and Move Forward • Step 5: Guiding Practices: Learn More About Project Management and Leadership Techniques • Step 6: Progress Review: Examine Your Progress and Determine Next Steps