Previously published as Driving, the newly titled The Principles of Driving is the English translation of the GNEF's fully revised 7th edition - new text, illustrations, larger format, and now cased and jacketed. Germany has won more championship medals in equestrian competitions than any other country in the world. Their success in so many equine disciplines, including driving, must largely be due to their training systems, which are applauded the world over as being clear, logical and thorough. This progressive and systematic training programme covers everything from choosing and fitting of harness, to driving safely on the roads. Throughout the book there is great emphasis on safe training, so that drivers do not, through ignorance of correct harnessing or driving technique, cause suffering or injury to the horse or endanger other drivers or road users. All types of turnout are included, from singles, unicorns, tandems and randems to four- and six-in hands, but special emphasis is given to singles, and pairs, which remain the most popular turnouts among the majority of driving enthusiasts.