The Principle of National Treatment in International Economic Law: Trade, Investment and Intellectual Property

The principle of national treatment, or the non-discrimination clause, applies across many fields of international economic law. This book provides a unique horizontal examination of the principle as it applies within international trade law, international investment law and intellectual property law, whilst also offering challenging and perceptive views on commercial practices, trade law and policy. Combining perspectives from practitioners, academics and members of the judiciary, the book is the first to cover the national treatment principle across the whole field of international economic law - including not only in the domain of WTO law, but also in treaty and contractual settings involving investment and in intellectual property law. It also provides practical insights regarding the application of the principle relevant to inter-state relations, state-investor relations and in the context of intellectual property protection. With its comprehensive interdisciplinary coverage, this book will be of special interest to academics, students and practitioners interested in international economic law and trade, international investment law, and intellectual property law and policy.