The Presidential Election

This is a new complete lesson and activity guide designed to help teachers integrate discussions of this year's presidential election into their social studies courses.For many middle school and high school students, this year's presidential election may well be the first that captures their attention. With its lack of an incumbent, a history-making field of candidates, and an electorate focused on both domestic and foreign issues, it is sure to be one of the most fascinating political contests in recent memory.What is the best way to integrate the 2008 presidential election into your social studies courses? How do you evaluate an overwhelming amount of resources and possible approaches? Now there is a new option that fosters deeper student understanding of the election while helping you use its dynamic drama to enliven the teaching of core concepts.Making the connections between current events and history, History Connections: The Presidential Election is divided into four sections - voters, getting the nomination, the general election, and media. Each section offers up to 20 well-thought out lessons and activities and a wealth of primary and secondary sources. Introduced with an essay from a leading scholar, each section provides ideas and resources you can trust, in a presentation that reflects the way a teacher approaches teaching - warm-up activities, class assignments, project-based activities, homework assignments, and independent research.It includes a visual timeline of American presidential elections throughout history, helping students see the historic significance of this election as well as how the electoral process has evolved.It highlights the trends of the 2008 presidential election while making historical connections in four sections: Voters, getting the nomination, the general election, and media.Nearly 80 class activities and lessons cover all aspects of the American election process - for example, one section provides ideas and resources focusing on the expansion of voting rights throughout history.It provides strong material for both American government and American history courses. It offers well-crafted activities and lessons that meet curriculum requirements on covering American politics. It enables students to learn how to critically evaluate media and how to analyze historical sources. It provides effective, classroom-tested material that is organized to reflect the way classes are taught. It helps students analyze the current election in light of previous elections.