The Predators

Tombstone Jack and Thad Folger worked together at the Westfield railroads station, until Thad got fired for pilferage. Although he lost his livelihood it did not deter Folger from continuing down the road to crime with small-time thievery. He recruited the boozy Tombstone to help on a job with promises of a big take however what they find is much bigger than either could have anticipated. When the valuable shipment destined for the army at Fort Thomas shows up missing, the army is not the only one enraged at the discovery. A gang of murderous border thugs had been hired to intercept the shipment and when they find it missing there is bloody retribution. To find the stolen shipment two enemies, Lieutenant Calhoun and Killeen, the civilian scout must join forces when they are dispatched to track down the stolen goods and find the hideout of the notorious gang.