The Preacher Sought to Find Pleasing Words: A Study of the Language of Qoheleth

This volume on Qoheleth's vocabulary is the continuation of that on the grammar (OLA 41), published in 1992. All lexemes occurring in Qoh are examined for the specific connotations they have in this book. Chapter I deals with Biblical Hebrew words that are frequently and idiosyncratically used in Qoh. The subject of Chapter II are words that are less frequently used, yet can be considered to have some typical connotations in Qoh. Then follows in Chapter III the study of classical BH words that are less typical of Qoh, yet demand some attention. Chapter IV offers an analysis of the words that occur only in Qoh and in the last chapter, the reader finds short notes on the remaining words, those which require no special analysis. Throughout this monograph, attention is given to Late Biblical Hebrew, Aramaisms and Graecisms, in continuity with the grammatical studies in vol. I.