The Power of Imperfection: Living Creatively with Human Complexity

Emboldens us to acknowledge and accept the messiness of being human by blowing open the myth that people who seem 'together' have life under control, and revealing the creative potential of real, risky living. Written by a British woman priest in the spirit of Richard Rohr's Falling Upward and Immortal Diamond. Rowan Williams has been Ruth's 'reader over my shoulder'. Focuses on 'this is how it is' rather than 'this is how it ought to be' so that readers feel accepted and accompanied as they work out ways of moving forward for themselves. Reveals that what we wrestle with could be what enables us to take wing. Increases our respect and compassion for ourselves and others. Immediately engaging writing - the author is a frequent speaker on Radio 2's 'Pause for Thought' and an occasional broadcaster on Radio 4. The book recognizes that there is a gap between what is publicly acknowledged to be the nature of human experience and the private reality many of us live. As a result, we can be afraid to talk about the struggles and questions we have for fear of judgement and rejection, and may feel unnecessarily alone or abnormal. Ruth Scott does not attempt to give simple answers to complex issues, but encourages us to believe that when we are able to own and work creatively with our complexity we can find within it great resources. The book is very helpfully illustrated with stories from the author's own personal history and from the experiences of people she has worked with over the years, along with poems, art and international news accounts.