The Political Economy of Energy and Growth

21st century global realities have altered the concept of national security and energy is fast becoming one of its pivotal components. Energy is the lifeblood of modern societies to drive growth and stimulate economic activity and any slump in its availability can hamper production process and growth. It is particularly critical for India as it depends on energy imports to fuel everything from transportation to communication, and education to health delivery systems. This book illuminates the possible policies and measures to successfully meet the long-term energy challenges. To derive these, the book combines theoretical and empirical issues and draws its conclusions from rigorous methodologies and latest data. It covers a wide range of issues on energy such as trends in oil markets, oil diplomacy, political economy of reforms, environment issues, interaction between macroeconomic policies and the energy sector, technology challenges, and innovations in oil industry. The editor also analyses India's national energy policy and its broad long-term implications towards achieving energy security.