The Poetics of Stage Space: The Theory and Process of Theatre Scene Design

This book is basically an analysis of theatre scene design through the powers and characteristics of physical space. Physical space is seen as central to creative composition in the theatre. The author extends the reach of the book to individuals beyond the realm of the theatre who are concerned with spatial design, such as architects, interior designers, industrial designers, artists and other performers. A theory is presented on how design, and its creative process, echo the normal process of human awareness and action. The book covers an array of considerations for the theatre designer: the observable features of given physical spaces, their layout, detailing and atmosphere, present the features from the points of view of various disciplines. There are chapters on the physics of space, the geography of space and the music of space. The author also speaks to the less tangible qualities sensed on a more personal level, such as the spirituality or the psyche of space. A discussion of the collaborative process of creating space then follows.