The Pizza Tastes Great, Dialogs and Stories: Student Book

This popular three-level reading series features a variety of themes and issues, and high-interest dialogs and stories about ordinary people from around the world. Students can identify with the hopes, dreams, and fears of these real people, and will enjoy reading and discussing these stories and dialogs as they relate their own experiences to the class. Each book features: *Relevant high-interest story topics that relate to students' lives. *Pre-reading and follow-up questions to check student comprehension and generate classroom conversation. *Word banks that precede each dialog and story to build basic vocabulary. *Reading skills and vocabulary activities. *An Audio Program that brings the stories and dialogs to life. *A Workbook provides additional practice in building vocabulary and reading skills. Other Readers in the series: *New! The Cake Looks Great *The Salsa is Hot *The Chicken Smells Good, Second Edition