The Philosophical Canon in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: Essays in Honour of John W.Yolton

This collection of essays by well-known international scholars working in the history of philosophy and intellectual history honours the distinguished career of John Yolton, their subjects reflecting many of his central interests, particularly John Locke. Topics include Locke and his idea of thinking matter; the recovery of Locke's library; his understanding of the Law of Nature and its implications; Berkeley's philosophy and his conception of common sense; the connection between reason and revelation in some early eighteenth-century writers; and the post-modernist crude misrepresentation of the Enlightenment. G.A.J. ROGERS is Professor of Philosophy at Keele University; SYLVANA TOMASELLI is a former research fellow of Newnham College, Cambridge. Contributors: SYLVANA TOMASELLI, FRANCOIS DUCHESNEAU, RICHARD H. POPKIN, G.A.J. ROGERS, PETER LASLETT, MICHAEL AYRES, GENEVIEVE BRYKMAN, M.A. STEWART, ARTHUR WAINWRIGHT, JOHN STEPHENS, JOHN P. WRIGHT, SHADIA B. DRURY