The Path Forgotten

Sorry, but I'd rather die than go out with you. Those words had haunted Chaise Frost since her childhood friend Alec turned her down. Eight years later, Chaise has never fallen in love, but that hasn't stopped her from having fun. That is, until she meets Ryu. Although their relationship was never meant to last more than one night, Chaise can't help feeling drawn to Ryu. Fate seems determined to throw them together, and it has a helping hand in the form of her friends. Is the path long forgotten really the path of love? Or will Chaise find a new road to walk alone? Walk of shame? Josh asked, looking up from behind the reception counter, You don't usually stay out this late. It was worth it, I assured him, Where's Gary? He went home. You should just move in with him. He smiled, One day. Anyway, that doesn't matter. What was his name? Who's name?