The Painted Chook

The Painted Chook is the moving story of three young friends living on a cattle station in the Australian Outback who spend their spare time discussing the origins and development of art. Far from being dry pedants, the friends - Wicked, Swot and Owly 2 - are warm, quirky individuals who are simply struggling to understand the world around them. In an attempt to discover some answers they devise an experiment, inviting a group of local men to paint a mural - the results come as quite a surprise! Idiosyncratic, witty and engaging, The Painted Chook is art history with a difference. Each of the quirky characters brings a unique perspective and life story to the debates, while dominating everything is the eerily beautiful Outback itself. In the story's shocking and brutal conclusion, it is the unpredictable landscape that has the final say on the enduring enigma of art.