The Orphanage

Paperback / softback
Humor, intrigue, blackmail, kidnapping, double-crossing, & murder This is a story with an historical setting, but with a different insightbut much of the story is factual. The locale is in Western Austria and Southern Germany between early 1945 and mid-1948. The characters are middle-aged Austrian, German, Swiss, and Americanboth men and women. Three men steal gold ingot bars valued at twenty million U.S. dollars from a German military train. The train stops in Bregenz, Austria, to load wood logs as fuel before continuing through Switzerland (factual) to Italy. The gold is destined for delivery to the purchaser, a Swiss bank (factual). There are as many villains as heroes: five and five. More and more villains learn of the theft, appear on the scene, and are eliminated one by one. The three men originally intend to sell the gold and share the money. But this is not just another war storyor gold story. A concentration camp (factual) is discovered near Linz, Austria, and the main characters try to locate the internees. They want to give the internees all the money after the gold is sold. But finding their names proves to be an impossible undertaking, so as an alternative the characters build a world-scale orphanage (fictional) near Innsbruck, Austria, for 1,000 children orphaned by the war. The story involves the U.S Army ground forces and the U.S. Army air force. The reader may well ask, Could this have happened? Did it really happen?