The Nursery Rhyme Book: Remember the Rhymes of Yesterday

Have you ever struggled to remember your favourite nursery rhymes so that you can teach them to your own children? Have you ever wondered just why the cow jumped over the moon? If you have ever racked your brains to come up with all the words, you will love The Nursery Rhyme Book - it has all the answers. This book is filled with fantastic illustrations and packed with the traditional rhymes of yesteryear, from: Little Miss Muffet; Hey Diddle, Diddle; Oranges and Lemons; Round and Round the Mulberry Bush; Three Blind Mice; Humpty Dumpty; Ring a Ring O' Roses; Little Jack Horner and many more. With a classic 1950s retro look, The Nursery Rhyme Book is a great gift for every family member.