The New Talent Acquisition Frontier: Integrating HR and Diversity Strategy in the Private and Public Sectors and Higher Education

For HR professionals and leaders, chief diversity officers, line managers, and executives in the private and public sectors and higher education, this book presents a systematic approach to integrating HR practices and strategic diversity initiatives to create the inclusive, high performance workforce that every enterprise and institution needs to succeed in an increasingly multicultural society and global marketplace. The authors' point of departure is that talent is the primary strategic asset necessary for organisational success in a demographically diversifying and globally interconnected world. Organisations must optimise their human capital resources by the deliberate development of synergy between human resource (HR) and diversity programmes. The authors identify two critical practices: talent management through the orchestration of HR and diversity programs to enhance organisational capability by unleashing, mobilising, nurturing, and sustaining the contributions of a diverse workforce; and talent sustainability through the close integration of HR and diversity to continuously develop systems, structures, processes, and a culture that heighten employee commitment, engagement, and inclusion. They further believe that there should be a commonality of practice across all types of organisations, so that each sector can learn from the others to accelerate its adaptation to today's rapidly shifting national and global realities.