The New Six Sigma: A Leader's Guide to Achieving Rapid Business Improvement and Sustainable Results

As the original inventor of Six Sigma, Motorola has more experience with it than any other company. Recently, Motorola has considerably improved traditional Six Sigma techniques, and successfully applied them around the world, in many different types of organizations. This book is the first publication outlining Motorola's new innovations and improvements to Six Sigma, written by Motorola's Six Sigma directors. The book will be organized around a time principle - the past, present and future of Six Sigma. First, the authors briefly outline the origins of Six Sigma, highlighting the lessons Motorola has learned by experience. This background will set the stage for the core of the book - introducing the new Six Sigma. The new Six Sigma is a leadership governance process that produces improved business results in all parts of an organization. It has been reinvented to be more focused on strategy execution and value creation rather than on defects. In sidebars, the authors highlight global examples where Motorola's improved Six Sigma has had important results across cultures and markets. Lastly, the book points out the where Six Sigma is headed - toward the management of sustainable business results through sophisticated human capital asset management and software-based simulations.