The New Glucose Revolution Life Plan: Discover How to Make the Glycemic Index the Foundation for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating

With each passing day, yet another health, diet, and nutrition expert or author gets on the glycemic index (GI) bandwagon. In 2003 The South Beach Diet joined New York Times best-selling books by Dr. Andrew Weil, Harvard's Dr. Walter Willett, Dr. Robert Atkins, Dr. Barry Sears, and many others in advocating taking into account the GI values of foods as a key element in a healthy, lifelong diet. But the authoritative source of information on the GI remains the Glucose Revolution seriesand The New Glucose Revolution Life Plan is the book that situates the GI within today's complete nutrition picture. Both an introduction to the benefits of low-GI foods and an essential source of new information for those already familiar with the concept, it charts a clear course through today's complicated nutrition mazeand offers easy-to-follow guidelines for choosing the right diet. This new edition has been revised throughout in two-color with an 8-page photo insert featuring some of the fifty delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes offered in the book, as well as a complete, up-to-date table of GI and new glycemic load values for more than eight hundred foods and beverages.