The New Chinese Astrology

Paperback / softback
In The New Chinese Astrology bestselling author Suzanne White demystifies the ancient wisdom of Chinese astrology by applying it to modern life. This fun-to-read yet serious guide describes each animal sign's individual characteristics, special capabilities and particular health problems. Discover the terrible Tiger's major weak spots. Find out why Rats get married so often. Learn why the Ox should avoid spicy food - and that even the dauntless Dragon can be a sentimental weeping willow. Suzanne White also explains how the five Chinese elements affect each one of us. By combining your sign and your element the book offers a stunningly accurate character analysis. It matches you up with the other signs to show how you might get along in business, in family life and in love. This updated edition also includes Suzanne White's new twelve-year forecasts for each sign. Lively, accessible and witty, this book is full of sound advice. Whether you are a seasoned expert or just curious about your own or your loved ones' signs, The New Chinese Astrology is a marvellous resource in the quest for higher understanding.