The Neurologist's Guide to Pain

The Neurologist's Guide to Pain: A Case-based Approach aims to guide the interested clinician and practicing neurologist in developing a pain-focused knowledge base as well as an appreciation for the affective consequences of pain. Each chapter includes the following: a neurologically based pain case; keys to proper assessment; relevant diagnostic test results and guides to interpretation; major alternatives in treatment; and, a discussion of the relevant neuroanatomical pathways. Each chapter will include a brief bibliography, questions for self-testing and recommendations for advanced reading. The chapters will be written with minimum jargon so that clinicians without prior pain training will have immediate access to relevant information.The chapter topics are selected for relevance to clinical practice, and the authors are recognized experts in their fields. Each chapter will consist of 18-20 pages including references. References will be limited to those most pertinent to the case and not exceed 20 references per chapter.